In Honor of Anthony Bourdain Day

On Saturdays, I like to cook while listening to KCRW’s “Good Food” show, hosted by Evan Kleiman. It has become something of a ritual that I miss when I have a gig and can’t listen. This morning (while cooking Omani lentil soup from the book by Felicia Campbell, also on the Good Food blog), I learned on the show that June 25 has been declared Anthony Bourdain Day, established by chefs Eric Ripert and José Andrés, in celebration of Bourdain’s life and in commemoration of his tragic death by suicide last year on June 8, 2018. Not having cable TV, I was rather late to get to know about Bourdain. (Although I have since seen a few episodes of his Parts Unknown show, including the one on the food of Iran that I saw while eating in a Persian restaurant. Coincidence?) I am sorry it took me so long to get to know his work since he is now one of my role models for living the bold life. I love his sense of humor and taste for adventure, combined with his integrity and respect for the people he featured in his show. He was truly living the bold life. Peace and Happy Birthday, Anthony! #BourdainDay

[Note: the photo in this post is of the famous Raouche (Rawsha) Rocks in Beirut, Lebanon. Bourdain featured Beirut in two episodes of his Parts Unknown. Click here for the one from 2015.]